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Efficient Technology

Slim design – economical overall concept.

The ET series from Rosenbauer is built for municipal operations and combines tried and tested Rosenbauer technologies with a consistently efficient design. By standardizing the vehicles with variable designs and optional components, the ET series is able to provide fire departments across the world with vehicle technology and equipment that is precisely tailored to their operational situations. Great importance was placed upon providing an economical overall package. Optionally, the ET series is also compatible with common chassis (MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, Renault and Rosenbauer Commander) of 12 to 20 tons on different wheel bases.

Variable loading concepts

With the sophisticated and practical COMFORT stowage system, the ET facilitates easy, fast, and ergonomic removal of equipment. The system can be adapted at any time to suit the requirements of different operations. This makes the ET extremely flexible in terms of stowage and conversion. There are three different options available in the area of full height lockers:

  • The ET with full height lockers and full height locker steps for plenty of storage space
  • The ET with full height locker with roller shutters for even more storage space
  • The ET without full height locker

Combined normal and high pressure pump

The ET is optionally fitted with high-quality Rosenbauer normal and high pressure pumps. The robust, reliable N/NH25 and N/NH 45 built-in pumps are easy to use and can be adapted specifically to the chassis, the environment, and the operator. The performance range of the normal pressure pumps reaches from 2500 l/min up to 4500 l/min in suction operation. The high pressure pumps provide up to 400 l/min at 40 bar, dependent on the corresponding power takeoff.

RM24 roof turret

Optional features of the ET also include a manual roof turret. The RM 24 impresses with a maximum output of up to 3,000 l/min at 10 bar. The turret is characterized by comfortable operation, a large throw range of 70 m at 10 bar, easy quantity and stream pattern adjustment, and numerous other options. The optional foam branch pipe with deflector can be fixed or swivel-mounted.

Innovations for an even better view

The ET is optionally equipped with the innovative LED lighting concept from Rosenbauer. The LED lighting technology provides light where it is needed. Daylight-like conditions are created in conjunction with underfloor, environmental, and equipment compartment lighting as well as the light mast. LED lighting does not create glare and is extremely energy-efficient. Natural color perception, less shadowing, and homogeneous illumination of the whole scene facilitates working during twilight hours or at night.