FLIR K55 Thermal Imanging Camera

FLIR K55 Thermal Imanging Camera

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  • Flir K55
  • Image frequency: 60 Hz
  • Display: 4"
  • Operating time: 4 h
  • Weight: 1.100 gram
  • Easy to use, even with Gloves on.
  • The FLIR K55 can be controlled by 3 large buttons.
  • FLIR K55 camera has five color modes that are optimized for various firefighting situations.
  • TI Basic mode: For initial fire attack and life-saving operations.
  • B/W fire fighting mode: Same as the TI Basic mode, but with a grey scale image.
  • Fire mode: For use in conditions with higher background temperatures, like structure fires, where there is already a lot of open flames.
  • Search & rescue mode: For use in conditions with lower temperatures, like outdoor search and rescue operations.
  • Heat detection mode: Used for finding and highlighting hot spots.
  • The hottest 20% of the scene is colored in red.

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FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of thermal imaging cameras. Wherever thermal cameras are being used – in applications as diverse as predictive maintenance, building diagnostics, R&D and automation, or for night vision applications in maritime safety, security, or the military – FLIR is there. FLIR’s K-Series camera models have been developed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of firefighting use. In every phase of the K-Series design process, FLIR has worked directly with firefighters around the world to make sure their unique needs have been met.


All new K-Series cameras are protected, after registration on, by our exclusive FLIR 2-5-10 Warranty that includes 2 years of coverage on batteries, five years on the camera, and ten years on the detector.