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The Hydrosub® is designed for emergency water supply and can be very quickly deployed using a minimum of manpower. The units feature hydraulic driven portable submersible floating pump(s), allowing quick access to any open water source. The submersible pump is linked to a diesel powered hydraulic powerpack, allowing quick deployment within 60 meters distance from the powerpack. This innovative system makes it possible to have a 60 meter vertical pump lift, no draft problem and no suction draft losses.

Hytrans® has a wide range of HydroSub® units with capacities up to 45.000 lpm @ 12 bar (12.000 GPM @ 175 psi).


HydroSub® 60


  • Standard: 1500 ltr/min at 10 bar
  • Hi-Flow: 4000 ltr/min at 2,5 bar (optional)
  • Floodpump: 20000 ltr/min at 0,3 bar (optional)

HydroSub® 1400


  • Submersible pump: 3 X 15000 = 45000 ltr./min (12000 gpm) at 2,5 bar.(35 psi)
  • Main-boost pump: 45000 ltr (12000 gpm) at 12 bar (175 psi)