Liberty Turbine Response System

Liberty Turbine Response System

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The TRS2500FOG system generates a throw length of up to 180 meters depending on wind circumstances, and is capable of dispatching 4500 liters of water per minute. Its average droplets size is approximately 400 micron. Because of the small droplet size the water effect is 6 times greater over any conventional stream of water. Therefor the system can produce sufficient less waste water.

The TRS turbine extinguisher is mostly used for fire extinguishing, cooling down objects and diluting gasses to reduce concentrates.

This technology has proven its value and performance over the last 20 years on chemical plants, refineries and large industrial environments. Especially its safety factors and man savings are important advantages. Fire suppressing and related tasks take place from a large, safe distance with a minimal required number of operating staff.

The system can be mounted on a hook lift system or any vehicle.

Liberty Gasturbine Holland has a TRS2500FOG stand-by 24/7, for call in first response, deployment globally.

Liberty is independent, we work with major fire truck manufacturers like EMPl, Ziegler, Rosenbauer and others.

The TRS25000FOG is applicable for:

  • Firefighting, with or without foam
  • Cooling down surfaces like from storage tanks or tunnel surfaces
  • As heat shield in between burning objects
  • Diluting gas exits to bring down concentrates
  • Drive out smoke
  • Moving air

Area of applications TRS2500FOG:

  • Chemical production plants
  • Refineries
  • Industrial complexes
  • Incineration plants
  • Ship fires
  • Tunnels
  • Aircraft fires
  • Parking garages

Advantages of using a TRS2500FOG:

  • Limited number of operators required (one man)
  • Attacking emergencies from a safe distance (average 200 meters)
  • Water consumption 6 times more effective
  • Can be integrated in practically every extinguisher vehicle
  • Can be used in combination with monitors
  • Easy to use as stand-alone machine on, for example, a hook arm or in a fixed, permanent installation

Technical Specification basic system:


2000 Kg


2.40 m


1.40 m


1.50 m

Water consumption:

4 M3/min @ 10 Bar

Fuel consumption at full power:

950 liter/min (JetA-1, petroleum or diesel)


wireless control panel (up to 300 meters); sound reduction system