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The MVF-5 is the unique multifunctional robotic firefighting system developed to extinguish fires in life threatening conditions and inaccessible areas. The system is operated from a safe distance by using remote-control technology. The MVF-5 extends the reach of fire fighters as to protect high risk industrial facilities and other dangerous environments.

The original design of MVF-5 is based on the proven technology used in construction of demining systems able to survive mine detonations and other hazardous operations in the most demanding and destructive environments. The low center of gravity combined with powerful engine and comact original structure of the MVF-5 allows excellent manouverability.

Areas of use

  • Oil refineries and terminals
  • Military depots/storages
  • Chemical and petro-chemical plants and storages
  • Flammable materials storages
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Anti-riot application