Rosenbauer FOX S Portable Fire Pump

Rosenbauer FOX S Portable Fire Pump

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  • Performance (at 3 m suction lift)
  • PFPN 10-1,000
  • 1,050 l/min at 10 bar
  • 1,300 l/min at 8 bar
  • 2,000 l/min at 2 bar
  • 2,050 l/min for draining operation
  • Propulsion engine:
  • BRP Rotax R2 cylinder 4-stroke engine,
  • 599 cm³
  • 29 kW output
  • Weight (operation ready) 150 kg in accordance with EN 14466

Addition Descriptions

More power. Less weight. High reliability.

The FOX portable pump product family impresses in terms of power, weight, reliability, and ease of operation in a unique way.

The compact size and unrivaled ergonomic handles of the Rosenbauer FOX allow ease of transport in the final meters leading to the operation site. With maximum pumping capacity and reliable technology, it impresses in every operation.

  • Impresses with
  • Level of performance
  • Low weight
  • Optimum carry comfort
  • Reliability
  • Simple operation